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#include <unistd.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <errno.h>

#include "../parser.h"

extern char * yytext;
int yylex();
long int lineno();
char * filename();

char * tok_map(int c) {
    char * r;
    switch (c) {
      case TOK_ACCEPT:
      r = strdup("accept"); break;
      case TOK_DEST:
      r = strdup("dest"); break;
      case TOK_DPORT:
      r = strdup("dport"); break;
      case TOK_DROP:
      r = strdup("drop"); break;
      case TOK_FORWARD:
      r = strdup("forward"); break;
      case TOK_ICMPTYPE:
      r = strdup("icmptype"); break;
      case TOK_INPUT:
      r = strdup("input"); break;
      case TOK_LCURLY:
      r = strdup("lcurly"); break;
      case TOK_LOCAL:
      r = strdup("local"); break;
      case TOK_LOG:
      r = strdup("log"); break;
      case TOK_LSQUARE:
      r = strdup("lsquare"); break;
      case TOK_MASQ: 
      r = strdup("masq"); break;
      case TOK_ONEWAY:
      r = strdup("oneway"); break;
      case TOK_OUTPUT:
      r = strdup("output"); break;
      case TOK_PROTO:
      r = strdup("proto"); break;
      case TOK_PROXY:
      r = strdup("proxy"); break;
      case TOK_RCURLY:
      r = strdup("rcurly"); break;
      case TOK_REDIRECT:
      r = strdup("redirect"); break;
      case TOK_REJECT:
      r = strdup("reject"); break;
      case TOK_RSQUARE:
      r = strdup("rsquare"); break;
      case TOK_SEMICOLON:
      r = strdup("semicolon"); break;
      case TOK_SOURCE:
      r = strdup("source"); break;
      case TOK_SPORT:
      r = strdup("sport"); break;
      case TOK_TEXT:
      r = strdup("text"); break;
      case TOK_IDENTIFIER:
      r = strdup("identifier"); break;
      case TOK_DOT:
      r = strdup("dot"); break;
      case TOK_SLASH:
      r = strdup("slash"); break;
      case TOK_BANG:
      r = strdup("bang"); break;
      case TOK_COLON:
      r = strdup("colon"); break;
      r = strdup("UNRECOGNISED"); break;
    return r;

int main(int argc __attribute__((unused)), char ** argv __attribute__((unused))) {
    int c;
    int ret;

    /* if running in make distcheck the cwd isn't the same as the srcdir */
    if (getenv("srcdir")) {
      ret = chdir(getenv("srcdir"));
      if (ret != 0) {
            fprintf(stderr, "failed to change directory to %s (%s)\n",
                  getenv("srcdir"), strerror(errno));
            return 1;

    while ((c = yylex())) {
      printf("kind = %s, spelling = \"%s\", file = \"%s\", line = %ld\n", tok_map(c), yytext, filename(), lineno());
    return 0;

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